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About us

About us

....Integrated servcises

The SIDI Energy Servizi Integrati srl is a company oriented in the field of renewable energies to propose activities and to realize plants for the energy saving. Our fields range from photovoltaic to solar thermal up to propose high efficiency micro-cogeneration technology.

Where we come from

Our extraction is first of all technical, consolidated in the design of interventions aimed at energy saving.

Our Mission

“We know how to design, we can also do it”. This is our motto to fully satisfy our customers.

What we do

The construction of the plants requires diversified skills. The combination of qualified technicians and certified workers is our weapon.

Our history

SIDI Servizi Integrati di Ingengneria was born in the far 2006 in Naples from the collaboration of engineers of various disciplines aimed to the design and the technical direction of the works for the interventions on the building envelopes, oriented to the energy saving. In 2009 we supported various installation companies for the realization of electrical and thermal systems, offering them our technical competence for the new needs of their customers. It was the period of the great boom of renewable energy in Italy, where technical support was essential to fully grasp the challenge of the moment. The experiences on site have led to the birth in 2012 of SIDI Energy Servizi Integrati Ltd where, with the same technical competence, today offers the professionalism of the interventions offered to our customers to guide them in a direct and professional services improving their energy balance. 

How we work



Analyzing energy needs is a fundamental step for the improvement of the customer’s performance. The energy diagnosis is our first approach.



The choice of the most appropriate interventions are the result of the results of our analysis, our experience will lead the customer to the best solution of his needs.



The choice of the most appropriate interventions are the result of the results of our analysis, our experience will lead the customer to the best solution of his needs.



The integrated design often involves more technical skills that work together to make the projects executable and to lower them in the customer’s plant reality, following all the practices required for the construction of the sistems.



With our skilled workers, we provide and install our systems in a professional manner and under the supervision of our technical designers.



Downstream of all the checks and tests, we deliver to the customer the plants realized according to the specifications, equipped with all the technical Docmentazione of project and construction site.

Why choose us?

Because the projects are not only cards but they represent the identity of the plants realized. Meticulous projects ensure efficient maintenance and lower costs.


Because every plant delivered is our own creature and as such we guarantee the assistance for its continuous operation.

We design what you need, focusing your attention on the best energy saving performance.

Our proposals are supported by the best techniques to estimate their effectiveness over time through the planning of coherent and conservative scenarios.

Engineers and experience technicians work on your project to ensure a first-order service, where any form of improvisation is prohibited.

Let start a new project together

Call or write us, one of our consultants will soon be at your disposal

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